MMA Grappling

Latest update: Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 3:50 am.

MMA Grappling has become an extremely important part of the game. We held a seminar with Olympic Wrestler Ari Taub and picked his brain about MMA Grappling and shot a number of videos related to the topic.

MMA Grappling is important to your ground game as well as your overall defence. Have you ever noticed in an MMA match where one fighter is particularly good at stand up but their grappling is terrible? Every time their opponent takes a single or double leg shot, they get taken down. They dont possess the necessary MMA grappling skills to defend against some of the most basic takedowns.

We decided we wanted to bring you some highly applicable content to your MMA game and focus a bit on the grappling side. We have several videos on MMA grappling posted in this section.

We hope you enjoy them and if there is something else you want to see, drop us a line and well put it together for you. For now enjoy this section of videos on MMA Grappling.