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Dan Faggella’s Advanced Back Take Tips

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is chalk full of complex techniques that could leave you scratching your head. Yet and still, while they can be complex, chances are very likely that these moves are super effective, and can help evolve your game and take the next step forward.
One of these moves in the Berimbolo sweep. A complex, physically demanding move, the Berimbolo is excellent for any and all BJJ competitors, no matter what weight class you are in.
Known to be mainly used in Gi competitions, the Berimbolo is a fantastic way to obtain the back of your opponent. The Gi allows countless way to execute the move, in terms of grips and maintaining your position, however, it can become increasingly difficult when tried in No Gi matches.
It’s one thing to understand how to approach the Berimbolo, but it’s a totally different story when you are trying to pull it off in a No Gi contest. Despite being the same move, the differences can make-or-break a match.

The Focal Points of The Move
First and foremost, the major thing I’ll stress about the sweep is this: Make sure you’re getting your opponent to roll over their shoulder! If you kick them off to the side, then they will be practically in top-side control, and have the upper hand, whereas rolling them over the shoulder will open up opportunities to take their back.
When you are able to do this, it will make life that much more difficult for them, as they will not be able to get out all too easily, allowing you to continue your onslaught of attack.
Make sure that your foot is hooked on their leg, or else they can just sneak right out of this, rendering the Berimbolo useless, similar to not having them roll over their shoulder.
Attacking High On The Legs

This is another key step in performing this move. The higher up you attack on their leg—in terms of sweeping—the easier it will be to sweep them, and take their back.
Focusing lower on the leg will force you to work twice as hard when looking for the roll, making this already complicate move, that much more tougher.
It also benefits you because once you do execute the move, their leg should be locked an isolated. Even if they do choose to try an escape, there is nowhere for them to go, unless they put the boot on very thoroughly.
Overall, the Berimbolo is no walk in the park when you are first learning it. It calls for great focus and attention to detail, however, it will all be worth it in the end. The Berimbolo is extremely effective, and should be learned by all my fellow grapplers out there.
Dan Faggella
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