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Jiu Jitsu Videos Inside Heel Hook from Side Control (0)

In this Jiu Jitsu Video Ari demonstrates an inside heel hook. You rely on Jiu Jitsu doctrine instilled in your partner to the extent that when in side control, he will likely attempt to bring in a knee

Japanese JuJutsu Kata Guruma (0)

In this Ju Jutsu video, Matt DAquino sets up a firemans carry. Watch how Matt sets up with a right arm causing his opponent to underhook setting up the carry. Another key is a low body position. If you

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques Tie Up Mount Escape (0)

This is a nice addition to the standard mount escape in grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). James Foster shows the tie up variation that uses your leg as a trapping tool in this reversal.

BJJ Black Belt Piet Wilhelm Joker Choke (0)

Piet Wilhelm, black belt under Renato Tavares, shows the Joker Choke with the gi. There is also footage at the end of Piet using it in competition.

Omoplata Escape the Roll Over (0)

This is the most common escape from the omoplata and usually occurs just after your opponent places his legs over your arm and shoulder. The roll over can in fact reverse the Omoplata if you are not