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Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Back Against the Wall with Punch (0)

A simple option of rotating yourself off the wall. Uses trapping,leverage, and blocking principles.

Self Defense Back against the Wall (Knee sweep) (0)

Here is one variation when you are pushed against a wall in a self defense situation. This is a knee reap/sweep.

Bouncing 101 Escort Technique against a resisting opponent (0)

The standard goose neck wrist lock may not work of very strong individuals. That means that your level of force must go up in order to deal with the increased resistance. This is often called a sankyo

Attacking the Turtle Position Roll (0)

Here is an option when your partner is balled up into the turtle position.

Twister from Scarf Hold (Kesa Gatame) (0)

Here is an option for the twister when you get caught in scarf control (kesa Gatame). The twister is an attack option found in the nogi 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system.

Trouble Shooting the Kimura from Side Control (0)

Trouble shooting the kimura shoulder lock from side control position. This is a common attack in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also an options for a step over straight armlock.