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Dans Belt Stretch to increase flexibility (0)

How to work your flexibility in the butterfly position.

Lapel Choke from Cross Side Position (0)

This choke uses the bottom portion of your OWN gi (kimono) to get the choke on your partner from top side control.

Arm Bar Counter to a Kimura Attempt (0)

The armbar counter to a kimura attempt when your opponent tries to execute a kimura off his back when you are on top.

Monoplata/Omoplata from Side Control (Around the World) (0)

This omoplata variation is from side control and great to work from Kimura control or can also be done from mount (not shown in this vid)

Knee Bar from an Armbar Counter (guard) (0)

This video is a knee bar from and armbar counter...But remember when you block (using the telephone) you pull your arm through very hard.

Jiu Jitsu Strategies The What If Question (0)

The What If question examined in jiu jitsu.