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Jiu Jitsu Strategies Complicated vs Simple Moves (0)

Ari Bolden, Founder of Submissions 101, talks about complicated vs simple moves in martial arts.

Jiu Jitsu Strategies Sport vs Reality (0)

Ari Bolden, founder of Submissions 101, talks about sport vs reality fighting.

Knuckle Choke (nogi) from Mount (0)

Knuckle Choke (nogi) from Mount Category: Sports Tags: * knuckle * choke * chokes * submissions * 101 * submission * grappling * jiu * jitsu * ari * bolden * jujitsu * mma * bjj

Clock Choke from Turtle Position (Okuri Eri Jime) (0)

Here is a video depicting the clock choke (gi) from the turtle position.

North South EscapeRoll Over (0)

This escape works well when your partner isnt super heavy on you and is in trasition.

Jiu Jitsu Chess Drill (0)

iu Jitsu Chess Drill submissions 101 bjj grappling martial arts